Sunday, May 31, 2009

nooka look book for 2009-2010 preview

like all venerable brands, nooka produces a new look book each year. this exercise is always takes longer than scheduled and usually runs over-budget, but the results help add new visual vocabulary to the marketing materials [in our case, we use the images on the web site and print materials]

last year [the images on as of this writing] we used a studio comprised of students still at carnegie mellon called the supervisory. they have since graduated and moved their studio to nyc and we have contracted with them for this years as well!

(though not necessarily apparent in the finished images) conceptually, we pushed a sci-fi inspired angle for 2008 with a nod to the aesthetics of both westworld and blade runner by treating the models as androids. with the new look book and moreover with messaging for the brand, i want to focus on the concept of universal language as this is a common theme in what motivates me as a designer. this line of thought brought me to contemplate the concept and how to explore it more...math is a universal language, as is music. what movie told this story better than 1977's close encounters of the third kind? and this became our conceptual jumping off point for the art direction of the 2009 photo shoot.

it is from that point the ball was in the supervisory's court to cast and direct the photography to create the images previewed here. the hair and make-up in many of the images is a bit 1970s, but then again, that was the decade that best presented the look of the future in its sci-fi and fashion (both things that inspired my aesthetic approach for nooka).

we will preview the new look book at our pop-up shop at den in the east village of nyc opening july 9th. more on that in a later post. this is where we will launch our belts, wallets and our something else that's very exciting!

more about the supervisory here.

nooka is available at fine stores and here. join nooka and love nooka on facebook and nookaNOW on twitter.

Nooka is an official sponsor of The Juan Maclean US Tour happening now!

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fourhexagons said...

perfect - love the aesthetic! close encounters arrived via netflix yesterday. coincidence?