Thursday, July 2, 2009

building momentum and ready to explode

monday and tuesday we held exclusive press interviews for our upcoming secret product launch. it was so exciting to meet the actual editors for this new category nooka is entering, and also to have a unique space dedicated to showcase all my designs. it was unfortunate i had laryngitis the whole time but all went well as i articulated how my design philosophy of universal communication and utopian futurism relates to the new products. this is all leading up to our very first US pop-up shop at den on east 11th street opening july 10th [i'll blog about that soon]. look forward to posts on our upcoming belts [nooka NS] and noo approach to wallets [AO assets organizer] as well as the product line my PR people wont let me blog about just yet. seriously, sooooo much going on at once it's going to all come together like a supernova!

nooka is available at fine stores and here. join nooka and love nooka on facebook and nookaNOW on twitter.

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