Sunday, October 4, 2009

tokyo party report

the party for the tokyo custom nookanooka exhibition was this past friday. it was a lot of fun, and happy to see so many people show up...around 300 by my rough count of people coming in and out over the course of 3+ hours. it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and business associates. some major players in both fashion, music and urban vinyl/toy world were there [which is to b expected as most of the 9 japanese artists for the custom show are from that world]. i got to meet mutual friend and sony music recording artist immi who was there with her manager and producer. i was very honored to have ryu akashi, founder of medicom toys there as well. i got to meet makoto kajii, the editor of the brilliant online magazine, which i write for. gloomy bear fame mori chack was there as well and we talked about him participating in our next event.

the space, designed by yu yamada, featured display blocks of solid white styrofoam arranged as a giant nooka zen-h face. music by my favorite tokyo dj kurasho who spun my request of italo-disco+electronica. wine, beer and shochu for me + galceau vitamin water guaranteed a good time for all who came.

all the artists were in attendance so i was abe to thank each and every one of them for the amazing work they did with the nookanookas! again: thanks! i will write a more expanded post on each of their bios for the november 10th exhibition in NYC.

next stop tomorrow is taipei in taiwan. there will be an invitation-only event with an auction to benefit typhoon survivors on October 7th which i am looking forward to.

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