Friday, January 15, 2010

excited to the point of insomnia

i am in kick-start mode this week! i have kick started myself to finally finish a few blue-sky projects, one being an expansion on the concept that launched nooka – exploring the linguistics/nomenclature for expressing math. this is something a bit above my head in terms of trying to explain the application of the resulting system i've come up with, but i've never let my own mental limitations get in the way of inspired design! please contact me if you are a mathematician/physicist out there reading this who have an interest in test-driving my new number system [i have dozenal/base-12 ready to go!]. the great halo-effect of being obsessed once again is it helps kick-start and inspire my staff to put energy into new products and blue sky projects for the nooka lab. i'm not ready to leak any of those projects just yet, but i'm excited to the point of insomnia this whole week just thinking of all the things i need to design to show the potential for nooka applied to new product lines and concepts. it will all come together as a kick-ass presentation i'm planning for the end of the month as well as to solidify a framework for the nooka first 5/10 year book i want to produce.

now without straying from the subject, i found this great site this week: kickstarter! such a well executed concept for entrepreneur micro-finance!

now the plug: the mini nookanookas are now available on kidrobot! the matthew waldman edition, fuzzy like me, available here. mad toy, shin tanaka and i love dust versions also available here.

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