Friday, November 23, 2007

the zirc on mocoloco

i'm sure everyone who reads my blog is a frequent visitor to, but if not, you should check them out. they have nooka info before i get to update my own blog! from the quotes, i can see that this was written by someone at my sydney australia presentation 2 weeks ago THANKS! they are writing mainly on our upcoming zirc model which i think will be a hit. it's 45 x 35 mm with a flush right wrist band. the new display is more evocative of a analog watch, so i hope it will pique the interest of people who think nooka is too much for them.

these will be available spring 2008 from and fine retailers everywhere.


Adam said...

What, don't I get credit for breaking the news on the Zirc two months ago?

NOOKA said...

adam, i didn't say they were the first to break the news, but now people can link to your blog too!