Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the nooka nookanooka pre-launch blog buzz

i have always been a big fan of character design. i remember my favorite cereals as a kid were always the ones with well developed characters [NOT tony the tiger, he had no depth and frosted flakes tastes like crap]. the best example is 'the freakies' cereal from the 1970s. i collected all the magnets and toys and even made my own stuffed animals of the characters with felt and barley for home economics class [remember when boys had to take home-ec and girls took shop?] – ahhh, the "free to be you and me" era! unfortunately, not one of the freakies cereal toys remains in my collection and i'm kinda over the whole ebay thing...

i am also an armchair biologist. i devour research papers on evolutionary biology, comparative morphology, and try really hard to understand theoretical physics. many of these themes come together in my artwork with my fairy labor union project and to a lesser extent with the nooka time pieces. it's all about wonderful synergies!

the fairy labor union project is quite conceptual and hasn't really found it's stride yet [which is not to say i'm giving up on it], but i've put the same skill sets together to develop the mascot for nooka. hopefully this will broaden press coverage even deeper for design, sneaker, and urban pop culture magazines as well as bring joy to everyone [maybe usher in a new era of corporate mascots which i'll be hired to design?].

the nookanooka™ will first be available as a vinyl figure as a display for nooka watches in a few select markets and shops and then for sale to the general public.

here is the story:
there is a realm we can not see, can not hear, can not taste nor smell, yet from this realm comes everything perceived as real. within this higher dimensional place lives beings who call themselves what can only be transliterated as: nooka. Their physiology is transient, eternal in their world, ephemeral yet immortal in ours – beyond imagination yet real enough to feel. time is to them as carbohydrates are to us, and from this they poo carrots and kittens [or anything else you can request]. they pee gravity and what is the equivalent of light to them is dark matter in our universe.

all that aside, the similarities in names drew the nookas to nooka inc. and a trans-dimensional relationship was forged!

now the official mascot of nooka inc., the nookanooka™ can spread the cheer of wonder-through-design [wtd™] to the 4 corners of the earth.

so go on, take the nookanooka shopping, to your auntie's summer cottage, to paris france, or to work on “bring-your-extra-dimensional-being-to-work-day”. you can also use the nookanooka as a handy stand for your collection of nookas!

nookanooka design team:
matthew waldman
yumi asai
alexander yoo
karl-johan hjerling [1.0]
carl nordenskjöld [2.0]

ALSO: i'm looking to find digital animators who can work for nookas [or our low budgets] or even as an intern to develop animations for the nookanooka story.

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