Monday, March 24, 2008

tokyo in march

i'm in tokyo to review and file year end taxes for nooka japan, my office here. i came a few days early to adjust to the time zone so i won't be a zombie when i have meetings. i also used the time to finally get myself to the MOT, the tokyo museum of contemporary art [Museum Of Tokyo = MOT] as it is a bit of a pain to get to. the permanent collection is quite good, but their 2008 annual show of new art was disappointing for the most part. also, i'm always shocked with how humid the conditions are in japanese museums – not good for the art or the viewers comfort.

i decided to upload a visual diary for the past 2 days. the dog is the nooka tokyo office mascot and his name is nikko. the wonderful blue gate is a piece by artist Suh Do-ho called "Reflection". the little paintings are from a cute show at the tiny but wonderful fewmany shop/gallery in shinjuku of work from my friends at devilrobots. the new tange tower is almost complete...not sure how i feel about it [it's a bit overdesigned].

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