Tuesday, August 5, 2008

nooka + v-man = vashion

v-man has the exclusive to break the nooz of top secret noo product, the zaz. this model will be available fall 2009. thanks again joe at raw information.


Zach FF said...

When are we going to get updates on new for Fall/Winter 2008?! I'm checking the website and blog daily, as well as trolling for news on random fashion blogs and all I've found are the glow in the dark and bronze/silver/gold Zub's! Thanks a lot!

NOOKA said...

Zach FF. Thanks for taking the time to leave a response. we had a few new models and new products set for fall launch but decided not to rush them to market [now slated for spring 2009]. this is still the best place to check for updates. we are doing a yokohama triennial watch but that is for japan only and a very small edition. i'll write more updates soon though!