Friday, August 8, 2008

random thought

this has been stuck in my head since i've had an apartment full of nieces and nephews the whole summer and taking them out to restaurants etc. always brings up this issue: why do people freak out when a man uses a women's [and vice versa] toilet in public when everyone is fine with men and women using the same toilet at home? the more i think about this, the more i realize it is a strange situation. there was even a news story i read about a school having to build a 3rd toilet for transgender students! i say we need to do away with men's and women's toilets all together. this would even out waits for women and might make people cleaner overall [an end to women who hover-pee and men who don't lift the seats – you all know who you are].

while i'm at it and since this is a design blog – architects: please design public bathrooms with ambient music speakers built in the walls so no-one has to hear anyone elses colon work other than their own; for all bathrooms, insist on adequate ventilation; design a drain in the floor for ease of efficient cleaning; and specify japanese style washlette toilets:)


Pronay said...

Are you including only bathrooms that have one toilet or those build for a higher capacity of occupants?

It's okay when a mom or dad brings their child, regardless of gender, into the bathroom even if they're of the opposite gender because it's in the family, and because of familiarity.

There of course isn't familiarity between all men and all women in their segregated bathrooms, but parents would probably not want an older man in the bathroom with a younger female, and because of that fear I don't see it happening in the U.S.

P.S. Cool watch, I just bought the white zub zot.

Michael said...

I support the idea of a door that is pulled open and pushed out so that you never have to touch a dirty door handle. I am always happy to come across a bathroom door designed in that way. Often trash cans are near the door, so I pull the door open with a towelette in my hand and then toss it before I leave. The whole idea makes me sound a bit paranoid but I wash my hands to clean them, not to immediately dirty them on my way out of the bathroom.

NOOKA said...

pronay: i include all bathrooms. just have all stall toilets with working doors and good maintenance. tanks for getting the zub, remember to clean with a magic eraser/melamine sponge.

michael, you just need a travel size of hand sanitizer:)