Friday, September 12, 2008

hidden alleys and bar piano

there are some impossibly tiny commercial spaces in tokyo, most famous are tiny bars tucked into narrow alleys that sometimes seat 4 people at most. i was taken to bar piano by mixologist Mr. Rua, who i met at rooms [he's a friend of the people behind kyara jewelry] and it one of those hidden secret places [appointment only]. first floor of the bar is the bar and a piano, 2nd floor seats maybe 8-10 people [our group was about 8]. strange thing is that it's on an alley i never noticed in all my years passing by and parking my bike not 15 feet from the bar when i'm in shibuya – truly an alice through the looking glass experience!

it's quite obvious that none of these types of establishments are up to fire code, and this alley [like many others before] is slated to be razed. current tenants have 2 years to leave.

photos are top: mr. rua outside bar piano. bottom: the ceiling of the upstairs room.

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