Saturday, September 13, 2008

yokohama triennale opening party

some fotos of the 2 venues and opening party. one foto of me with chiemi of pingmag!

it's really weird, when i arrive in tokyo from nyc, i feel how much cleaner tokyo is. when i go to yokohama [only 30 minutes by express train from tokyo] i think "was tokyo this dirty and run down when i left it a few hours ago?!". this should tell you how well maintained yokohmama is as you can probably see from these photos. the renovation of the red brick factory/warehouse is amazingly well-done. the new yokohama passenger terminal is beautiful [the opening party for the triennale was really dull though...artful yet unsatisfying catering, understaffed, no music, and a noticeable lack of enough interesting people in the crowd].

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