Saturday, November 15, 2008

upcoming: nooka zon

again, this has somehow leaked before i could blog about it – our nooest nooka, the world-time nooka zon™

conceptually, the zon is closest to my concept of representing time as you experience it – the pixels fill up one minute at a time just as sunlight or fills and empties the sky through 12 hour cycles. it is also evocative of the hourglasses that fill with sand as time progresses. and as intuitive as it is, i doubt there will be many people who can glean the exact time from the display – so at the touch of a button: a standard analog digital display replaces the grid of pixels!

i personally engineered this watch to sit squarely on the top of the wrist no matter which are you choose. you will have to adjust the strap to flush right for your left arm and flush left for your right [or center if you prefer it that way]. a custom tool is included with the kit to accomplish this.

moreover, this is a world time watch with 24 cities pre-programmed for the world traveller like myself.

it has a weight to it that is new for our line and i hope you will lve it as much as i do.

-matthew waldman november 15th 2008

available soon!


Mike said...

Definitely attention grabbing.

I like the idea of having two modes, one for time and one for awesomeness.

I honestly can't quickly read the time on my Zot, but it looks awesome.

chingang said...