Monday, March 16, 2009

matthew waldman in tokyo.

it is that time of year again, when plum blossoms bloom and the first brave crocus raises its turgid shaft – yes, tax time – so i am here in tokyo japan to review our books before submitting to the taxman! but it's not as dire as it may read, i've made this more a vacation than a business trip as there are no trade shows or new products to launch.

only 3 days and already packed a lot in: dinner with nooka tokyo staff, visited my friends of hirocoledge at their one week pop-up shop in isetan [really amazing stuff, you should check it out as they are currently negotiating for US distribution. their site here], gave my boyfriend and my friend ilisa a private tour of the yoyogi national stadium [took a lot of energy to turn my charm on in japanese as they don't allow people to enter when events are booked!], dinners with friends and almost a full day at the yurakucho muji honten!

photos top to bottom:
tange's triumphant yoyogi national stadium with natural light poring through the ceiling,
the cable room at the base of the stadium,
portrait with hiroko and yusuke at isetan [notice her lovely nooka watch and ignore yusuke making a face]

nooka including noo spring colors are now available at fine stores and here. join "nooka" and "love nooka" on facebook. nooka_ on twitter.

more on kenzo tange here.

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