Wednesday, March 11, 2009

nooka cockoo is all-a-buzz: updated

i started getting emails from all over the world on tuesday when this post first sprung up on – original post can be viewed here. some people wanted to know if i had seen this and others were concerned about legal issues. well, to answer the emails here: no, i did not know about it, and as for laws being broken, my understanding is that this is one of those grey areas. it is illegal to use someone's logo for unauthorized business purposes, and indeed, this is unauthorized. that said, it is legal to use other companies logos for editorial purposes, and perhaps creating a portfolio piece fits into this fair usage. that writ, i am not a lawyer. i guess i am flattered to see that nooka has such a positive image in the world that another designer would choose it as a reference point in a creative exercise. what do you think?

for blogs carrying the story, to be safe, our lawyers recommend the following disclaimer text:
"Nooka" is a registered trademark of Nooka Inc. (all rights reserved) and may not be used without its express written permission. Nooka Inc. has not reviewed and does not endorse any products, concepts or viewpoints expressed on this website, and no business relationship with Nooka Inc. is implied through any use of its trademark.

it's a common issue i think, and found this ad in this month's print magazine – funny as the same designer who did the nooka cockoo watch has a car freshner logo used in a t-shirt design on his own website...

nooka including noo spring colors are now available at fine stores and here. join "nooka" and "love nooka" on facebook. nooka_ on twitter.

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