Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nooka sightings: oh so pretty!

these photos of the adorable giorgina was sent to me by our man in the netherlands! apparently, she is one of our youngest fans. the netherlands is one market that really 'gets' nooka, and why not – they are one of the few countries that have viewed design as an important professional discipline for years. it is one of the few countries where one can receive government support to pursue purely theoretical design problems, plus they have paté american which is something you'd never find in america [it's raw beef mixed with ketchup you spread on bread in the mornings]. i'm a little jealous having to claw my way towards the top here in dog-eat-dog NYC but i am having a fun claw at it.

nooka is available at fine stores in the netherlands and here. join nooka and on facebook and nooka on twitter.

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Robin"Lefty" Capili said...

Very cool, very cute. And I believe and respect the fight. If you persevere, nothing can stop you!