Wednesday, July 15, 2009


this has been a very satisfying week for press and attention and wednesday's not even over! i even had to time to do something cultural – got a private tour of the frank lloyd wright show at the guggenheim with a group from the royal academy of arts [od which i am a fellow]. i highly recommend catching the show before it's over, really quite comprehensive and inspiring. about the show here.

there is great coverage on the opening of the nooka pop-up shop with a focus on the new nooka scent, including this link on partycrasher which includes an on-the-spot interview with me. i was told that i don't normally sound that gay, so it must be the tequila [and obviously, i'm sensitive to how i look and sound on camera!].

super flattering to have such great pieces on so many outlets. here are a few:
on mens! wow
teen vogue. wow
j.c. reports. wow
the nooka strip on acquire. wow
on william yan's blog. wow

i don't want to alienate anyone, because i love all the press love, but there was also a great piece on and other great fashion/trend blogs – too many to list! more great stuff coming up so i will update here occasionally.

ALSO...nooka sightings on youtube with dj splurt wearing the ever rad green urban camo nooka! here's a link to one of his shows. here.

nooka is available at fine stores and here. join nooka and on facebook and nooka on twitter.

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