Wednesday, August 12, 2009

nooka sightings: SUGARKANE

leandro manuel emede is a director, photographer, sound & video editor, and most recently, a designer! he has developed sugarkane glasses (that are limited edition) that are delightfully asymmetric frames. they come in fun colors; the collection can be seen here. sugarkane glasses do not follow the lead of other optical frames so there is a some conceptual synergy between leo and myself – in actuality, he's purchased 2 nookas before i recently contacted him about his frames. always up for a trade, i got a pair of his frames for a nooka zirc which leo looks so good sporting in the fotos he sent RIGHT after he received it. fotos of me wearing sugarkane to come!

to purchase the nooka that leandro is wearing, the link is here.

also, don't forget to vote for nooka at pulchra. the voting process may seem a bit tedious, but it is actually really simple. simply drag nooka to the number 1 spot, if that's your choice of course and choose the other 9 objects until you have completed your list. In order for your vote to be valid, you will need to complete the details form. remember you can only vote ONCE PER DAY, so make sure to log on the next day and do it all over again. link is here!

nooka can be found in fine stores all over the world and here. follow nooka on facebook and twitter.

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