Friday, October 16, 2009

nooka zaz

text by michael traverzo

nooka has taken the art of customization to the next level with the release of the zaz. it's innovative display screen and futuristic design complements a line of products that are sure to evoke a feeling of a glam-future.

the most prominent and unique feature of the zaz is its transparent face (zenv), giving the illusion that the time is displayed directly on the individuals wrist. aside from the face of the watch, the zaz comes equipped with a green led light, a first for nooka.

the placement of the strap distributes the weight of the watch in a way that makes it feel weightless. unfortunately, unlike the zon, the strap can not be adjusted to sit on the right side or the middle of the watch. this is for the left arm. in order to wear it on the right wrist, the individual must wear it upside down; however, legibility is not affected.

three models of the zaz will be available: silver face with black or white leather bands, or a silver mesh band for $395 each. pre-order yours here, all orders will be shipped out early november.
nooka is available at fine shops all over the world and online here.

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Anonymous said...

Would order this THIS SECOND if I could wear it on my right hand; I'm left-handed. LOTS of people are like this (mostly creative types who would buy/wear your watches). I wish these styles were made like the Zon (which I own) so that the display could be altered based on the user preference. I really think you're losing sales by offering watches that can only be worn on one hand.And please don't say it can be worn upside down; the watches are hard enough to read as it is ;-)

zeemi said...

Love your designs mate