Friday, October 16, 2009

nooka zem

the next generation is here and no i'm not talking about star trek. nooka has unveiled its newest line of watches, the nooka zem. the zem line brings a new shape and aesthetic to nooka timepieces with a gem-cut case that completes the look of our nooest products, the nooka strip, ao and fragrance. the crystal itself is the thickest of any we've ever produced, creating a jewel-like quality and adding weight to this design. the case back is also unique to this model and shaped to mirror the form of the crystal. you can thank nooka lab member alexander yoo for these details.

the models with the metal bracelet also introduce a custom touch to the zems. we spent over a year perfecting a unique metal link bracelet, and the effort has finally paid off. so though a huge watch, this is a product for the people out there requesting something bigger and heavier. should i add the words "heavy metal" to "glam future"?

the zem line consists of 16 separate models featuring nooka’s four most popular faces: zot, zenv, zenh and zoo, as well as 4 different styles: night and silver with black leather, night with black mesh and silver with silver mesh. pre-order your new luxury item, the nooka zem, here. prices are $375.

the zem has already been getting an incredible amount of attention online and hopefully soon in the magazines. moreover, people just love it when i wear it, and it is fast becoming one of my favorite pieces.

nooka is available at fine shops all over the world and online here.

also, don't forget to vote for nooka at pulchra. the voting process may seem a bit tedious, but it is actually really simple. simply drag nooka to the number 1 spot, if that's your choice of course and choose the other 9 objects until you have completed your list. In order for your vote to be valid, you will need to complete the details form. remember you can only vote ONCE PER DAY, so make sure to log on the next day and do it all over again. link is here!

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