Friday, November 20, 2009

nooka gallery event

in honor of the release of nooka's very own mini nookanookas, nooka hosted a celebration to kick off their one-day gallery show. the nookanooka is an urban vinyl collector’s toy, but more importantly acts as a representative for the nooka brand. 16 nookanooka's were given to various world-renowned artists to apply their own ingenious creativity.

over 400 people graced the red bull space with their presence, sipping on red bull and vodka as they chatted and took an exclusive peek at the art. In attendance was Chad from KidRobot, Dustin Canalin from Undrcrwn, Carmindy from "What Not to Wear", Mark Graham from ilovedust, and DDCLab to name a few.

special thank you to all of the artists who graciously participated in the event, as well as mark graham and the whole ilovedust team and "release the hounds" for providing nooka with two amazing animated videos that were shown during the event! also, special thanks to Adrian Michna from Ghostly for dj-ing!

to learn more about the artists who participated, click here!

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