Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nooka needs your input

Hello Fan of Nooka—

We're taking a closer look at our website and we need your help. We're curious to hear what you like and dislike about the current design. Are there things you wish we had on the site but don't? Is it easy to find or buy stuff as it currently is, or are there times when you wish the layout of the site was different?

We're interested to know why you're coming to the site. For example are you only visiting to buy something, or maybe to see what's new. We have an idea why some people come to the site but any stories about why you come to the site will help us make a better experience for people that visit.

We're in the beginning process of collecting feedback as we consider options for the site as it evolves. Please feel free to email us at redesign[at] or leave a comment below.


ryuji256 said...

My #1 improvement? International shipping (Australia) like you used to offer :)

NOOKA said...

thanks for your comment. we stopped shipping internationally to support our local distributors efforts in their respective countries. did you check the where to buy section for australia? or better yet, send us a list of stores you think nooka would be perfect for that would make them part of where you shop.

Joshua said...

The thing is, I just went to a store today that stocks a few watches, and the one I wanted costs AUD435, when it's going for USD285.

I'd rather pay for shipping than be ripped off by exorbitant middle man charges.

If the rates were more regulated, it'd make shopping at Nooka much easier. Right now, I'm just downright refusing to pay for any I've found so far in Australia.

NOOKA said...

thanks for your comment, and not sure if this reply helps. but here is some math:
$285 US = $310 Australian
i'm not an expert on the duties because we don't retail directly to OZ, but they are generally between 0-17.5% + 10% GST. so if we average to a low of 15% total, brings us to $365. if we did ship to australia from nyc from our e-store, it'd be $34US=$55 Australian = $420 australian.

so, you are right, it is a bit expensive in australia, but not ridiculously so. i remember that other brands from the US and europe are also double priced in OZ.

nooka is very much a small independent brand and we do not have much control in local markets, but i will communicate your concern to our australian partner. also, the more popular it becomes, savings are inevitably passed on to consumers.