Saturday, January 5, 2008

noo years predictions

happy new year everybody! i spent new years throwing a party in my apartment for friends but strangely, no one took any photographs! here are some of my loose predictions for 2008.

google phone: february 24, 2008 the google phone will be announced, but not a "techno-marvel" like the iphone , but rather a return to an old business model like broadcast television and radio -- totally free cell phone service supported by their already robust ad sales machine. this will revitalize the technology hardware sector as consumers, free from monthly bills, spend more and more on fashion driven handsets. savvy phone makers will hire nooka to develop high end models and interface innovations.

michael bloomberg will enter the presidential race by the end of january putting an articulate focus on issues, not party politics. it's a long shot, but i predict the following tickets: bloomberg/obama on both democrat and independent tickets, and huckabee/clinton on republican.

nooka zircs finally arrive in stores in spring causing a social trend and renewed interest in science fiction fashion. this catapults designer matthew waldman onto the scene as both a talk show host and action hero movie star.

image: new york sky # 70. © 2007 matthew waldman, all rights reserved.

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