Monday, January 7, 2008


i can't believe i'm being so consistent with my blog, but i guess it's thanks to google analytics -- seeing what pages are getting viewed after press items and other blog mentions is actually quite engrossing. i could write only about nooka stuff [unfortunately, a lot of the stuff is now on a PR calendar --im told when i can blog about product releases:)] but that would give you guys a very narrow view of the the matthew waldman nooka experience!

aside from fine design, i am actually a bit of a music geek. and much like nooka, my musical tastes are not mainstream. music is always playing in my design studio, and luckily, we all tend to have similar tastes. i also like to think that nooka is the watch of the alternative/electronic music scene as we do see them popping up in photos of musicians at festivals [jenny wilson, mika, kanye west and many others!]. if you are a musician who owns a nooka, please send us a little bio with a photo of you wearing the nooka and we can post it in our press section online or just here.

what music got heavy rotation at the nooka studio in 2007?
our ill wills by the shout out louds,
brooklyn's own: glass candy,
smoke by white williams,
FABRICLIVE.36 by James Murphy and Pat Mahoney,
Leave Them All Behind 2 by MODULAR records,
sarolta zalatnay's greatest hits,
BIG SCIENCE by Laurie Anderson.

i'm too lazy to post links for all of the above, but if you don't own them, you do need them right now!

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