Thursday, January 10, 2008

the nooka nooka corporate mascot

Many of you may know Nooka from press and shops on planet earth, but did you know that the brand is developing quite a following in higher dimensions as well? Drawn to Nooka by the similar sound of their name, the Nookas, extra-dimensional beings, made themselves known to me. After top-secret negotiations, they agreed to let Nooka base a mascot on their likeness!

Produced in a limited edition of 333 pieces X 3 colors in luxurious vinyl, the Nooka Nooka will initially only be available to stores for display [as the ‘horns’ of the Nooka Nooka” are perfectly sized to display nooka watches]. Any leftovers will be available for sale signed by yours truly for hundreds of dollars each. Available in April 2008.

photo is a sneak preview...more to come closer to the release.

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chingang said...

I heart the noo boy.