Wednesday, January 9, 2008

XEROX Rebranding WTF?

xerox has demonstrated that they know absolutely nothing about branding and marketing by undertaking a redesign of their corporate identity [logo and graphic design style for the non-design set]. i guess i'm one of the few identity specialists that would turn away such business, but their previous logo and identity was perfectly fine -- iconic and well recognized. if they have a problem with the consumer, it's in the product or the advertising/marketing-- not the logo.

companies that really understand branding [like apple computers, and nooka] know that branding excels by maintaining 3 main principals: 1. consistent presentation [through the application of a kick-ass corporate identity program], 2. consistent messages, and 3. consistent high quality products that embody the first 2 principals. for a company like xerox, in terms of priority, steps 3 and 2 are the issue.

what xerox fails to grasp is that a new logo will not accomplish anything other than causing blog posts like this to pop up.

if any executives there want to hire my brand studio, berrymatch, to fix the mess, have them contact me. i would suggest a revitalization of the previous brand standards with a focus on language and message and deliver a new look-and-feel without replacing the logo [why throw out the only positive brand asset you have?] concurrent to that, i would put together a world-class team to redesign their products to launch WITH the new look-and-feel, not before.


Jon said...

Okay, does anyone else think their new homepage feels a bit Microsofty?

Xerox Ink Sticks said...

Hey guys!
i just started blogging not that long ago and running across this blog it seemed a bit too interesting to only read the first paragraph. I kinda got confused in the middle of it but the end just made it all go together like a puzzle. Please, who ever wrote this, keep me updated!