Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the giants and super tuesday

i was told by our new intern, carl 2.0 [karl 1.0 was last year's design intern...both from sweden] that my blog is more interesting when i write about non-nooka stuff, so here's another rant for you.

as you know, the new jersey giants won the bowling championship [or something with bowls] this past sunday and new york city decided to have a ticker tape parade today. it also happens to be super tuesday, and i wanted to vote before i went to the office. i live just east of the parade route, so on a practical note, the parade route separated me from the polling location – no biggie, just frustrating finding an intersection where i could cross. what i didn't expect was how depressed, almost to the verge of tears, the sight of all these football fans made me. in a country where 70 million people have NO health insurance; the fact that so many people felt it a good thing to take a day off of work and take their children out of school to celebrate the win of a game they did not participate in made me think of how dismal the education system in the united states really is. how is it that people can invest so much energy into a parade and not keeping the streets paved, the airports up-to-date, the population insured....

on another note: i boarded the subway from a station i normally don't take and took this great photograph of a paint splatter on the platform! also, hypebeast did a mention of the lego show i wrote about last week making me a minor internet star yet again!

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