Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aluminum [or Aluminium for the UK] Nooka

without any fanfare, we launched a line extension of nooka watches with aluminum cases and polyurethane bands with a butterfly closure. this creates an extremely light-weight watch with lots of opportunity for color variation. it also adds a model to our lineup with a sexy polyurethane strap that is replaceable – placing it in between our zubs and the v-series. i tried to come up with a model name that fits our current convention of z+identifying sound to no avail....ideas anyone?

quick facts about aluminum: it is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust, and the third most abundant element overall [after oxygen and silicon]. makes up close to 8% by weight of the earth’s crust... was once more expensive by weight than gold! napoleon bonaparte had a set of aluminium cutlery used for only his most honored guests – it was THAT expensive at that time. it is easier to recycle than to make from bauxite [aluminum never occurs in it's metallic state in the earth, which is why it took so long for it to be discovered] – so make sure you recycle even scraps of aluminum foil! read more about it here. thanks wikipedia!

these are available on our website now in black, anodized blue and anodized orange.