Tuesday, February 12, 2008

let's boycott air travel

i was itching to write a blog entry on the environment, but decided on an airtravel one since i've already written a few posts on that subject...AND fortuitously...i found a great blog that does a better job than i can [takes the pressure of one more major problem off of my shoulders:)]

it's a blog by chris elliott and well worth reading as you can find great resources. i suggest everyone urge him to post a link to every government offical making TSA decisions so we can help in this crusade, especially now that they think it's perfectly fine to search people's laptop and mobile phone content. read the post on a boycott here.

and the less air travel we make, the lower our carbon footprint though you can do more for the environment by NOT eating beef [or limit to special occasions and then only if the beef is from a grass-fed animal [grain-fed livestock contributes more greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere per year than all the e SUVs in the US combined! also, believe it or not, eating whole grains cuts down on your carbon foorprint.

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