Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nooka®, ZIRC™ and GRAMMY's

our handsome man on the ground in LA, javier laval put together a great grammy awards party, getting lot's of stars to pose with [and leave with] some nooka watches. i probably should've gone to show him the correct way to wear the zirc as it is backwards on everyone who posed with it, but who's complaining? we did change the position of the strap AFTER our look book came out – the "specifications subject to change" thing! therefore i will post a pic of the proper alignment here along with a pic of snoop dog! i'll update with more pics as soon as i label the fotos with the right celeb names.

apparently kanye west was there –– i hope he enjoys the new watch –– go kanye!

oh...i have a sporty mohawk.

zircs available now at fine shops and our webstore.

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swissmiss said...

Oh la la! Check out your new look!