Tuesday, February 16, 2010


ok, here it is, the nookafesto, core values for the nooka brand that i have been working on. i'm not 100% happy that it's complete, but then again, when am i ever 100% happy with anything? i'd be more than happy to entertain comments and suggestions to make it 100% ! that writ, it is a great little piece of copywriting and a wonderful tool for me and my design/marketing staff to check back on, to keep the brand moving forward in a cohesive fashion. for that, i think i can pat myself on the back.

Nooka speaks of a world of the tomorrow that is happening right now. It seems gloriously unattainable but is here in the palm of our hands. It is optimism, it is progress, and it is our future.

Core Beliefs
Universal Communication
Nooka believes in the power of universal languages like those used in math, science and commerce to increase understanding and enable diverse groups of people to work together. The universal visual language of Nooka creates a communication tool for all, promoting the exchange of ideas across the globe through great design.

Nooka believes that constant advances in technology and cultural change necessitate originality in design. Our lust for innovation through technoculture and our childlike belief that anything is possible drive us to constantly strive for the perfect design.

The alternative approach to everyday objects in Nooka’s designs triggers thoughts of new possibilities and examination of our surroundings. Nooka products change the brain state of anyone they touch.

Every Nooka object is designed with intention. It has the power of clarity, the power to reach the heart of everyone who interacts with it. Nooka is committed to the belief that anything is possible. It is only through a truly open mind that we may face the challenges ahead of us.

Nooka sees the whole world as inspiration; it absorbs energy from it and creates new forms.

Nooka changes how we experience technology by placing it in new contexts. The futurist believes that this process always results in progress. Nooka is a futurist brand.

Nooka® - mindstyle™

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Lani Love said...

this is beautiful & makes me love nooka even more! major brand loyalty points! ;)